The Things Not Understood Were Valued Greatly


I got a package in the mail.

With nothing inside, it weighed down on me like a rock. Invading my home.

All was said without speaking.
It was full of things I could not hear.


when they dug it up,
a tale was found

you can imagine how

they called it the tale of a mute civilization

Nothing revealed, I sensed that I should pay closer attention.

Without warning, the people of the island were no longer talking. They decided to go mute.
The ability to speak was no longer necessary.
Trade could be done without speaking.
You just have to play close attention.

The fact that people were no longer talking by no means meant that it was a silent world.

The deaf prospered exceptionally well.
The blind could hear what people meant by listening to their hands,
their blood,
the wrinkling of the skin.

Here, the things not understood were valued greatly.